What is the turn-around time? Will I be able to race this weekend?

This is the most common question. Also one of the most difficult to answer. The absolute hardest part about our job here at TZR is scheduling the work that comes in. We often do not know what we need to do to fix your bike until we have it apart to see what parts we may need to re-assemble it properly. We are fortunate enough to be quite busy here year-round. Our turn around time varies from week to week. We can often schedule a loose appointment for suspension revalves, and motor builds, in an attempt to get the process going within a day or two of receiving it. Always feel free to call and discuss with us our current backlog. We are constantly evolving our methods in an attempt to keep up with our growing business. We know how important having your bike back quickly is, and we work very hard to try to meet your demands and keep you on the track. We never use the words “promise” or “guarantee” when discussing estimated completion times, but nobody works harder to make our estimates a reality. We thank you in advance for all your patience, trust, and understanding when it comes to getting work done in a timely manner.

Do I need to leave a deposit?

We reserve the right to ask for a deposit on any job we deem fit of one, but that circumstance is very rare. Most work that is brought to us does not require a deposit for us to get started on it. Generally, if the estimated repair or build is going to exceed 1500.00, we may ask for a small deposit up front (typically 30%) to secure payment for parts we will be purchasing. You are welcome to leave a deposit of any amount if you choose to.

How do I pay for the work that you are doing for me?

We accept cash, checks, and most charge/debit cards. For all mail orders, paying with a credit/debit card is by far the easiest way. Starting November 1st, 2013, we will no longer be shipping any job back BEFORE we have full payment. We have been very lenient in this department in the past, for the simple reason of getting things back to the customer ASAP, in hopes that they can ride that upcoming weekend. Starting Nov. 1st, we must be paid in full before we will ship your motor/suspension back. This applies to walk in customers as well.

Do you offer sponsorships?

Yes we do! Our work is in very high demand here at TZR, and we do feel that we have very fair pricing to begin with, considering how busy we are with repeat, long term customers.  However, my approach to sponsorship is a bit different than most. Most companies have a tier set up with A, B, C, packages, essentially based on the speed or class that the rider races. I have found that some of my best, most loyal and grateful customers are not necessarily the fastest. Your speed or class will have almost nothing to do with any discounts you may receive here. My highest levels of “sponsorship” almost always go to customers whom have been with me the longest. Your trust and loyalty to me are far more valuable than how fast you are. I currently “sponsor” far more riders than my small business pocketbook say’s that I should, but I will always leave the door open to new customers that might deserve a discount on parts or labor here. Complimentary comments on our Facebook page, mentioning us on the podium or in an interview, running our decals on your bike, all go a long way here. But nothing is as valuable to me as to hear that you’ve recommended someone else to us. Anytime I hear YOUR name as having referred someone new to me, I absolutely consider that when you need parts or service here.

Can you give me an estimate? And is there a charge for the estimate?

Yes we give estimates anytime you ask for one. But we do also charge our shop labor rate for any time spent to arrive at the estimate. In some cases, an entire engine needs to be disassembled to tell you what it will cost to fix it. We might spend several hours getting to that point, and we need to be paid for our time to arrive at that estimate.

Do you warranty your work?

Yes we do. We stand behind our service work here 100%. If we determine that we somehow overlooked some aspect of the job, we would do whatever is necessary to fix the problem. I need to make clear however, the difference between us standing behind our labor, versus a part that fails due to defect or misuse. We cannot warranty our labor when a part fails prematurely for any reason other than incorrect assembly on our part, which frankly almost never happens. We are meticulous professionals here that take our time to fix things right the fist time. If a part that we installed fails sooner than what should be expected, that is an issue that you need to address with that parts manufacturer. You will need to pay us in full to have us diagnose whatever failed, and to put it back together again with another new part. This is a very rare occurrence, and it is always very hard to tell a customer that they need to pay again. When working on high performance racing bikes, that typically are sold brand new with no warranty because of the severe nature of there use, we need to be careful with what we expect out of the parts themselves, versus the methods and professionalism in assembling them.

If I have you revalve my suspension, and I’m not happy with how it works, what do you do to rectify the problem?

Whatever it takes. Virtually all suspension performance companies will stand behind their work, and we are no different. You are responsible for getting suspension back to me, whether it needs to be shipped, or you can just carry it into the shop. I will ship it back free of charge after I’ve reworked it. This is a very rare occurrence, but it absolutely does happen. I want anyone that chose me to perform their suspension work to be completely happy with what I’ve done for them, but also understand the limitations that we need to work within. Nobody spends more time talking to their customers on a one-on-one basis in an attempt to understand their needs, AND to educate them on what is actually possible with todays systems. As long as we can understand what the complaints are, in a way that you are not contradicting yourself in what you say the complaints are (i.e. , do you need it stiffer or softer…faster or slower?) we will happily work with you in whatever capacity it takes to get you happy with your set-up. It can be a process for riders that are exceptionally picky. But we never shy away from a complaint, and we never blow you off as being just too picky. Ask any customer that we’ve previously worked with, and they will tell you that we give 100% with understanding your problems, and resolving them with both knowledge and patience.

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