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Engine Work

We offer a variety of motor service/building services from top end rebuilds to complete rebuilds and repairs. We can take your stock steed and get enough power out of it to scare you.

Suspension Work

Getting the power that we create for you to the ground is vital to success on the track. If you can’t keep your machine stuck to the ground and tracking straight through the roughest of conditions, then all that horsepower is doing you no good. We specialize in some of the best suspension services techniques in the business and handle everything from re-valving, re-springing to servicing and replacing seals.

Engine Services

4-Stroke Top End Re-build

Tear down/ Hone cylinder/cut seats/cam chain/carb/air filter/air box/reassemble. Fuel tank will be flushed and refilled with fresh fuel.


4-Stroke Complete Top/Bottom End Re-build

Includes top end rebuild/ crank rebuild/ transmission inspection/ main bearings/ crank seals.

$550 (out of bike)
(complete bike)

4-Stroke Head Rebuild

Disassemble head/ soda blast/cut seats/reassemble.


4-Stroke Head Porting

Includes TZRs precise hand porting of your machines cylinder head to increase horsepower over all RPM ranges. (Also includes valve seat cutting, head cleaning and reassembly).


4-Stroke Carb Cleaning/Jetting


4-Stroke ECU Mapping


Valve Seat Installation

Includes seat cutting- Parts not included

$75 per seat

Valve Guides


Dyno Time

Varies with application.

Call for pricing.

Clutch Replacement (includes oil change)


Crank Rebuild


Cylinder Hone


2-Stroke Top End Rebuild

Tear down/ hone cylinder/ clean exhaust valves/ clean carb/ check reeds/ clean air box/ clean filter. Fuel tank will be flushed and refilled with fresh premix.


2-Stroke Full Motor Rebuild

Includes top end rebuild/ rebuild or replace crankshaft/ inspect transmission/ main bearings/ crank seals.

$450 (out of bike)
$695 (complete bike)

Cylinder Plating

Includes power valve/ stud removal and shipping to/from Millennium Technologies to be replated. Cylinder will be reassembled with clean exhaust valves.


2-Stoke Cylinder Porting


Combustion Chamber Mods/Head Machining


2-Stroke Carb Cleaning/Rebuild/Jetting


* Labor prices only, prices do not include parts/shop supplies.
* Retail price for suspension oil is $36 for an entire re-valve or rebuild
A $5-$15 shop supply fee is added to every suspension service. (Paper towels, contact cleaner, solvent shims ect.)
* Shop rate is $79 per hour

Suspension Services

Fork Set Re-Valve

Includes tear down and rebuild of all worn internal parts (seals, O-rings, shims, pistons, & any special parts necessary).
Reassembly with updated valve settings suited to your riding and racing needs.

(on the bike)

Shock Revalve

Includes tear down and rebuild of all worn internal parts (seals, O-rings, shims, pistons, & any special parts necessary).
Reassembly with updated valve settings suited to your riding and racing needs.

(on the bike)

Shock Rebuild

Includes tear down and cleaning of all parts, polish shock shaft, lap piston and replace worn parts (seals, bushings, shims).

(on the bike)

Fork Rebuild

Includes tear down and cleaning of all parts, polish lower tubes, lap pistons and replace worn parts (seals, bushings, shims).

$195 (on the bike)

Fork Seal/Bushing Replacement

$90 (on the bike)

Height Reduction

Total reduction in ride height for smaller riders without giving up performance of suspension.

Price varies per application.

Basic Services

Bike Wash Fee

This will be applied to any bike that does not meet our cleanliness standard before we begin working on it.


Wheel Lacing

Includes removing tire, de-lacing, re-lacing, trueing wheel and remounting tire.

$125-$159 per wheel

Tire Change

$25 (on the bike)

Steering Bearing Replacement


Wheel Bearing Replacement


Linkage/Swingarm Bearing Replacement


Welding Minimum


Heli-Coli Install

$10/$40 per coil

Parts Policy

We go to great lengths to insure that we get you fair pricing in all aspects of your bikes repair or modification. Today, with internet competition for the sale of parts, it has become exceptionally difficult to be able to compete in pricing for some replacement parts. This section is written to help my customers understand what goes into getting the necessary parts to repair or build your bike. I felt it necessary to write this to emphasize our parts policy, and all we do to be both competitive and fair.

First, we will always be happy to install any part that you supply when you drop off your bike. We will never insist on making you buy everything you need from us. Many of my customers are sponsored directly from various manufacturers, or local dealerships, and I do not want to get in between your existing support. If you know what parts you need for your repair or build, you are welcome to supply them to us to install. No extra labor is ever charged for parts you supply.

However, when you bring in a bike for repair, and have no idea what’s necessary to repair it, we will of course supply all that’s needed. We work very hard with our local OEM dealerships to secure discounted pricing on OEM parts, so that by the time we look up part numbers, discuss the repair with you, email or call our parts orders in, pick up or pay for shipping to us, invoice all the parts that come in every day, we can still sell you OEM parts at below MSRP prices. This discount varies from brand to brand, but because we are buying the parts from OEM dealers, paying them “above dealer cost” pricing, and we need to get paid for the immense amount of time spent looking up, ordering, opening and invoicing everything that comes in every day, we arrive at a price that is what we consider necessary and fair to secure parts for you. We really do believe in trying to stay “local” with the dealerships we use to get OEM parts. We want to support the shops that we see every weekend at the track, and that sell you your dirtbike in the first place. Although some of the big internet parts stores are indeed “cheap” when it comes to part pricing, they are not there for you when you need that part installed before the weekend. Local dealerships, as well as TZR are, and there is value in that service. That being said, we give estimates on almost job we do, so you will always know approximately what you need to spend on parts with us beforehand. We will not, however, look up all the parts you need by part number, and then give you that list for free just so you can go internet shopping for the best price.

We stand behind our services 100%, but any part failures due to defective or inferior parts are not TZR’s responsibility.

Core Services

  • Suspension

    We know suspension. From service to valving and re-springing – we handle it all.

  • Engine Work

    You want more. We get that. Our engine services rival the best in the business and get you more power to the ground.  

  • Bike Builds

    We can start fresh. If your machine needs a breath of new life, we offer full builds or re-builds.

  • Service

    It’s the little things that matter. We can help you with basic bike services as well as the most complex motor or suspension setup.

What people who have worked with us have to say

Jimmy Povolny

TZR has continued to blow my mind with what is possible on a motorcycle. His quality of work and ingenuity is incredible and my bikes are always at the front.

Jimmy PovolnyFly Racing/Pro SX/MX RacerFly Racing
Michael Akaydin

I just wanna go fast! And with TZR sticks (suspension), I can do just that. I ride my absolute best when I feel comfortable on my bike, and TZR allows me to do that!

Michael AkaydinPro SX/MX RacerGod’s Given Talent Clothing
Ben Linderman

I didn’t know a motorcycle could be so plush and absorb so much without breaking loose. There’s nothing comparable to my TZR suspension.

Ben LindermanClient/A-riderOne29
Billy Badgrass

This one time I hit a squirrel on my lawn mower and it bounced me plumb off the seat. After TZR hooked up my tractor with his magic touch…BOOM! Butter smooth.

Billy BadgrassHead GroundskeeperWebsite? What’s that?